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Published: 22nd March 2012
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A mattress is something that gives you the comfort when you sleep. Your day starts with bad backache and stiff body if you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. So look for a quality bedding that gives you physical and mental health. A peaceful sleep after a tiring day is the priority for everyone. But for most of the people, it is just a dream as the mattress they use is not of the right choice.
There are different brands of mattresses available in the market for you to choose from. A person may select a coir mattress or a foam mattress to sleep on. But in last few years, a new kind of bedding material has taken the markets by storm. The memory foam mattress is today one of the most popular and most comfortable mattresses that people opt for. All mattresses can however broadly be classified into different categories and we will review each one in turn to let you know which one is the best for you.

Cotton mattresses
These are the oldest kind of mattresses and just consist of cotton stuffed into a casing. The higher quality ones use silk cotton that allows the mattress to regain its shape after you get up. The still higher class ones use feather stuffing inside and these are actually very expensive, but are also one of the softest. As a bottom-line simple mattress they are good except that the cotton tends to get lumpy over time which means that they need constant airing while in use. They also need to be replaced after about 10 yrs or so.

Foam mattresses
These mattresses are just one thick layer of foam covered with a cloth. This foam could be just one layer as found in the cheapest ones or different layers of different densities to give it a softer or harder feel. The more up market ones have a different kind of foam called the memory foam that takes on the shape of the person who is lying down on it thus supporting their bodies better. Obviously there is a big difference in the cost with the memory foam ones being the most expensive.

It has an ergonomic design, sensitive to body temperature & counter pressure to provide extra support. It helps to reduce fatigue & enhance blood circulation.

Coir mattresses
These mattresses are not made completely out of coir or coconut fiber, but have foam on one side and coir on the other. This coir is embedded into a layer of latex so that it does not poke you when you lie on it. This kind of mattress is just a little more expensive than the plain ones but give you get to use both sides. The foam side up is recommended for the colder months while the coir side up is used during summer. The coir allows air circulation inside the mattress, making it cooler. Coir mattresses support spinal curve naturally with optimum relaxation to our body. With durable high density foam, centre layer & perfect firmness with cushioning balance for complete comfort, the back pain / lower back pain is reduced. Also it is easy to reverse & change the ‘smart cover’ quickly.

Spring mattresses
Traditionally spring mattresses are the most expensive of the lot. Small springs were embedded into the mattress to make the mattress both soft and giving as well as make it support your body better. The problem with these is that you need to get one with the proper gauge (of the spring) for your weight. The only problem is that when two people lie on it and they have very different weights, the mattress can either be very soft for one and good for the other or be good for one while being hard for the other. Spring mattresses also do not last more than 10 yrs on average.

Arihant Mattresses are manufacturers of world class high quality Coir mattresses in mumbai. To know more about foam mattresses and gel mattresses, and why you should chose them over ordinary mattress, please check our site.

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